6 Week Introduction to Mindful Meditation

Mindful in Life and Work with Julia Bates RN

S.I.T. – A Six Week Introductory Training in Mindfulness

This is a progressive teaching of the essential areas for Mindful Attention and Investigation delivered in 6 weekly 2 hour classes

Week 1 – Introduction to and Overview of Mindfulness

~including definition, history, context, research, proper postures and
practice Mindfulness of Breath

Week 2 – Mindfulness of the Body

~ practice adding Mindfulness of the Body, Mindful Eating, Body Scan/Mindful Walking. Discussion on Mindfulness of the Body

Week 3 – Understanding Experience as Pleasant, Unpleasant and Neutral. The 5 Obstacles to Meditation

~Discussion on stimulus, response and choice.
Discussion on the 5 obstacles/hindrances to meditation
Mindful listening exercise

Week 4 – Exploring Emotions and Developing more Emotional Intelligence

~Mindfulness of Emotion using R.A.I.N. and the 3 C’s

Week 5 – Mindfulness of Thought/ Mental Processes

~Working with Thinking in meditation and working with the
Negative Thought Pattern (Self-Judgement, Inner Critic,
Negative Bias/Views

Week 6 – Cultivating Kindness/ Taking the Practice Home and into the World

Review of course, Practice of Choiceless Awareness, Loving Kindness Meditation, How to continue this practice daily and bring it into your life
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