Mindful Medtation Teacher

Julia Bates, Founder & CEO

mello{be} began with a simple idea: a good sitting cushion can change your life.

Julia and her daughter both suffer from chronic pain, aggravated by traditional meditation cushions, unsupportive furniture, and the ‘modern slouch.’ Julia created the first mello{be} to alleviate pain in her family. As she felt her posture straighten, her meditation practice improve, and the joy of a beautiful furnishing, she realized this had to be shared.

Julia is a Registered Nurse, certified mindfulness coach, and founder of Mindful in Life and Workmeditation She is passionate about inspiring people to improve their own lives through education, mindfulness, and stress reduction. mello{be} is the natural union of her work and her personal life, and we are thrilled to share our cushion with the world.

Our dream is simple: improve your health, create comfort and closeness, and bring style to your home.

You’ll be surprised by how many uses you find: meditation, sitting on the floor, picnics, outdoor seating, watching movies, reading in bed…the list goes on. Try one to experience the posture, comfort and style of mello{be}.