Guided Meditations

I'll be doing Guided Meditations at Elegance and Life Barre Studio at 455 S. Main St. Boerne 78006 (behind Kalani Yogurt) on Mondays at 11:30am. Cushions will be provided. Let me know if you need a chair! contact me at 210-884-7189 with questions Sign up at

The Good Market

Come shop for "Good" at The Good Market @ 708 W. Summit San Antonio. At 1:30pm I will be teaching Mindful Meditation upstairs We will be selling mello{be} cushions and mats come check out this cool building The Impact Guild rehabed into a cool coworking space.

Guided Meditation

Every Friday @ 2:45pm @ Geekdom in the Event Center unless otherwise posted

S.I.T. Course: A 6 week Introduction to Mindful Meditation

Come learn how to decrease stress, increase focus, improve your memory and ability to learn,and improve your health and wellness. For 6 weeks we will take a component of mindfulness like mindfulness of breath, body, thoughts, emotions and learn how to incorporate into our daily lives. Learning to just be…

Research on Neuroplasticity Research has proven the brain can reorganize itself with Mindful Meditation. In one study by Sara Lazar, MRI  revealed that experienced meditators had a thicker cortex than non-meditators. This was particularly true for brain areas associated with attention, interoception and sensory processing. A study showed increase in grey matter…